Cold Work Die Steel

HEYE brand cold word die steels are manufactured via ESR,unique forging and heat treatment process, with high strengh and wear resistance, cold and hot applications,high toughness and high isotropy performance.

Manufacturer:HeYe Special Steel Co.,Ltd.
Contact Person:Sales DepartmentOrigin:Shijiazhuang

HEYE Special Steel Co.,ltd. is a specialized in manufacturing high speed tool steel integrated with production、R&D and National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Steel Technology capable of producing high quality tool steel. The cooperation equiped with IF, LF, VD melting process, SF, PM special forming process and unique advanced forging and other metallurgical processes to develop and produce cold work tool steels with high strength, high wear resistance of high isotropy properties. These steels can be chosen to be the tool materials applied under difficult working conditions to get longer tooling life. More homogeouse or less segregation of the cold working tool materials developed through SF, PM, special forging processes to meet the high demand of the modern industry. HEYE started from pilot production of GM, 65Nb, H42, 012Al, DC53, 04, LD, D2,Y33, HM1,etc. to the brand products of HYRD2、HYRD2Co、HYC1、HYC2、HYC3、HYC5、RH12、HIT C118、HYU1、ect. the company has established the brand name in the cold work tool steel in many application areas such as cold rolls, plastic screws etc. Today new brand product such as C118、1255、U2、630、220K、M3、2030、210、T15M, are well developed according to the market demand. Further more, HEYE is putting effort in getting customer intimacy to solve indivisual problems by helping customers to choose right steel grade and right heat treatment process.

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TypeSpecification (mm)Surface condition
Forged Round Bar∮80-400 Wheeled/Turned
Hot-rolled Round Bar8-25Black
Peeled Bar∮15-150Turned
Hot-rolled Square Bar7.2×7.227×27Black
Hot-rolled Flat Bar(3.5-40)×(16-100)Black/Shot Blast
Hot-rolled Wire Rod∮5.5-17Black
Cold-drawn Steel Wire2.0-16.5Black
Ground Wire5.0-14.5Ground
Steel Plate(2.0-15.0)×(500-700)Black
Hot-rolled Strip(36-65)×(1.5-3.0)Black
Cold-rolled Strip(25-55)×(0.65-1.80)Polished
Forged ProductCircular ∮(50-350)×(10-300)Black/Machined
Rectangle (20-200)×(5-80)

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