Cutting Tool Steel

HY608A is the cutting tool steel specially developed for the production of machine blade, cutting cloth cutter, blades, jig saw, drill, tap etc.

Manufacturer:HeYe Special Steel Co.,Ltd.
Contact Person:Sales DepartmentOrigin:Shijiazhuang

HEYE special steel Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of high speed steel production, a leader of unit of HSS specialty group, cooperated with National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Steel Technology to set up HEYE Tool and Die Research Center.  HY608A is a kind of cutting tool steel, developed on the base of accumulated experience of decates R&D ,production ,sale and service under the situation of rapid inceasing of alloy and raw material and cost of HSS for the need of reducing cost but meeting required properties of some cutting tools.  A series of low alloy economic steels such as HY608, HY608A, HY609, HY609A etc. have been developed in 2004. All these steels contain less alloy but posess good hot hardness and high second hardning capbility. They can well meet the need of machine saw blade, jigsaw, drill, tap ect. cutting tools. This kind steels are called as cutting tool steels instead of low alloy tool steel for not reaching the basic requirement. HY608A has better price-performance ,its hardness can reach 62~63HRC after being quenched and tempered. HY608 is made via key technology of HEYE high quality HSS production, such as ESR, control of narrow composition and saturation, special forging and treatment process. So it has good toughness and good consistency of treatment.

TypeSpecification (mm)Surface condition
Forged Round Bar∮80-400 Wheeled/Turned
Hot-rolled Round Bar8-25Black
Peeled Bar∮15-150Turned
Hot-rolled Square Bar7.2×7.227×27Black
Hot-rolled Flat Bar(3.5-40)×(16-100)Black/Shot Blast
Hot-rolled Wire Rod∮5.5-17Black
Cold-drawn Steel Wire2.0-16.5Black
Ground Wire5.0-14.5Ground
Steel Plate(2.0-15.0)×(500-700)Black
Hot-rolled Strip(36-65)×(1.5-3.0)Black
Cold-rolled Strip(25-55)×(0.65-1.80)Polished
Forged ProductCircular ∮(50-350)×(10-300)Black/Machined
Rectangle (20-200)×(5-80)


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